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Forms for parents:

HizKidz Permission Form


...Life Application of the Bible practiced in real time.

Role Model: someone that is looked up to
Mentor: Someone who passes on their hope, wisdom, and way of life

1 Corinthian 11:1 "Imitate me as I imitate Christ"


Meets during 2nd Service from 10:30-12


HizKidz Club Rules

  1. You must be in 1st-4th grade & checked into "Fellowship One" (You will not be allowed to participate without a FellowshipOne tag)
  2. You must participate
  3. You must show respect
  4. You must follow instructions




Every Sunday at Calvary Church we and our children have the privilege of hearing powerful messages from God’s Word.  Our children receive great lessons during Sunday School, bringing clarity to the Bible stories that we all know and love. But when does a child get to actually practice the sermons they have heard and the lessons that they have learned, at HizKidz Club during 2nd Service. We help kids practice in real time what they have heard and learned in church. A child at HizKidz has the opportunity to have fun, be mentored by older students and adults, and have the opportunity during Club to learn life application of the Bible and practice it.



Any questions? Call the Calvary Church office (303-776-2400) or email Dave Shattuck